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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

About betty for schools

Providing free resources about periods for 8-12s

betty is the teenage brand creating a generation of girls and boys who are truly at ease talking about periods. We understand the struggles that come with periods and growing up and we’re here to help break the taboo.

Breaking the taboo all starts with education. betty for schools provides free PSHE Association accredited online resources that teachers can use to educate their pupils about, guess what – periods! We’ve collaborated with young people and education experts to develop innovative and experiential lessons which encourage open, respectful and honest conversations about menstruation and the way it affects girls.

With a mix of film, animation, interactive activities and supporting print materials, we have everything period-related covered so teachers don’t need to worry about that dreaded part of the curriculum! Put your feet up, relax and let us do the talking.

We also think it’s important for young people to be able to go somewhere they can trust for advice which is why we have – an online platform dedicated to supporting teens. So, whether they want to know more about periods, puberty, friendship, mental health (you name it, we talk about it), we’re here for them.