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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Bellfield Junior School

On Thursday 9th November, our betty bus was in Birmingham visiting Bellfield Junior School.

We had a great time with the students, they started off a little quiet but once they got into the swing of things they really opened up and we had some great discussions and fabulous questions. We were so impressed by their behaviour and enthusiasm. 

The girls really enjoyed their sessions on the bus:

"I love the betty bus because I was worried about what a period was but I am so comfortable"

"I really learned a lot. I know I won't feel too worried when I get my periods. I have enjoyed my time on the betty bus because you have made it a fun way and a way that keeps me comfortable learning about periods"

The teachers also thought it was a worthwhile experience:

"Some of the quieter shy girls looked totally at ease with everything being said"

"A very relaxed and informative session"

"Excellent! Clear, confident presentation. Thank you all!"

"Fantastic! Informal, informative and fun! :)"