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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Boringdon Primary

On Wednesday 22nd November, we were in Plymouth, visiting Boringdon Primary.

Here are the girls all ready for their session!

At first they were a little shy, but soon they settled in and built up confidence and started asking questions. They were enthusiastic about learning and it was clear how much they had taken in during the session. 

Here they found the answers to the questions in the ball pit. 

The ball pit is so much fun!

The girls really enjoyed their day:

"I never knew how it worked (your period) now I know. I LOVE the betty bus"

"Dear betty bus and everyone else in the bus. I had such a fun time and I feel less worried about periods now. Thank you"

"I think it was FANTASTIC I think the betty bus was a great experience for us because it taught us a lot" 

The teachers also had a good day:

"A fantastic, fun opportunity for the children to learn about periods. The environment was relaxed, allowing all the girls to feel confident to ask questions and discuss their worries." (Mrs. Jones Y6 Boringdon Primary School)

"What a fantastic experience handled in a fun, sensitive manner! A fantastic resource!" (Claire Trebilcock Year 5 Boringdon Primary School)

"Fantastic! Every girl should have the opportunity to visit the betty bus!" (Sally Cane Boringdon Primary School Year 6 teacher)