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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Bow School

On Wednesday 6th December, we visited Bow School in east London. 

We had a very productive and fun day with the students. There was an energy within the school and the students were excellently behaved. The school was very welcoming, and the girls were focused, engaged and contributed well to discussions. 

Here the girls are getting involved in the circle time activity on the top deck of the bus.

The girls clearly enjoyed their visit from the betty bus:

"I found the betty bus fun and encouraging because at first I felt uncomfortable but because of the lovely teachers, they've helped me feel better so THANK YOU".

"I really like the betty bus because it was a great opportunity to share and ask questions about girl problems"

"I found the betty bus really fun and exciting. It is a place where we talked about our bodies and periods freely"

The ball pit also went down well!

And once they found the balls which contained the answers, they had to match it to the questions.