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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Brine Leas School

On Friday 7th October, we were in Nantwich being hosted by Brine Leas School.

We had a great time working with your students are were pleased that by the end of every session the girls were engaging respectfully with each other and asking some very mature and in depth questions, and made some wonderful personal contributions, in terms of their own experiences so far.

The students were fairly excitable, which led to a great sense of fun during the games and competitions. All groups responded well to the 'period talk'. One group was fairly giggly - but this group actually asked and answered the most science questions (some of these questions were really enquiring and thoughtful).

One student, showed exceptional empathy and emotional maturity. His teacher told us afterwards that he found academia and communication very difficult, so was pleased that he had engaged in this way.

It's great that the workshop can bring the best out of the children.

The girls had a great time:

"I really enjoyed the activities, it was really fun. It was interesting to know how often you can get discharge."

"I really enjoyed the session, it made me more confident, and I learnt a lot!"

"I think this is very good for young people who get uncomfortable and I learnt that it's okay to speak to someone about your period. Everyone felt comfortable." 

"Full of useful information to know, really fun, and I got to know a lot more things that I didin't know before"

The teachers were appreciative too.

"Lovely relaxed atmosphere for the girls. Great open and honest discussions, positive views of periods provided which made students realise they aren't "alone" and that it's not something to wory about. Fantastic day. THANK YOU!"