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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Chiltern Primary School

On Wednesday 18th October, we were in Northampton visiting Chiltern Primary School.

We had really great sessions with the groups of girls. They were all fully engaged and eager to get stuck in with every activity.

We loved how they had some really caring and thoughtful answers about how they could help themselves when they are on their period and how they could help and support each other.

There were some questions which were fantastic and meant we had a really thorough Q&A session.

The students had a great time:

"This is so good and I am so proud right now!"

"This session taught me that you can still do P.E, even with a period!"

"It was so fun and I know what to do if I have a period."

"You can talk about anything and you don't have to be scared. You have good answers when we ask you."

The teachers found it to be a worthwhile experience:

"After today we are going to make a betty bus box so girls and boys can write any period related questions they might have at any time."

"For me personally, I think this is a fantastic resource and is so important for the girls to learn it's 'natural' and to learn proper facts about periods!"

"Really great and valid experience. Fab approach and openess with great knowledge. (I wish I had a Betty Bus)."

Thanks so much Chiltern Primary School for a fantastic visit.