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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

The Co-operative Academy of Leeds

On the 22nd September, one of our bright betty buses was in Leeds.  Hosting us was the Co-operative Academy of Leeds.

While the girls were on the bus, the boys were learning about emotions and how to be kind to the girls who are on their periods.  Some nice ideas there, boys!

Our facilitators loved the school; they said it was very diverse and vocal which was fun. The pupils engaged with the material in a playful way and had so many questions. We did quite a bit of myth busting around periods. They were very open to asking (and answering) questions and engaging in conversation.  They definitely learned a lot!

The students had a great time! Some of them were so excited when they got a second session in the bus "I'm getting to go on the bus again!"

The school had organised the groups by ability. Each session was different and students engaged well throughout the day. Teachers commented that the lower ability students connected particularly well with the workshop.

The teachers said: "It's clear you've invested a lot in making this a special experience for the girls. The tech, the bus, the facilitators are all great!"

"We've got to run a cyber bullying awareness session this term and we're gonna steal so many of your workshop ideas!"