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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Grasby All Saints C of E Primary School

On Wednesday 4th October, our bus visited Grasby All Saints C of E Primary School in Grasby, Lincolnshire. We had a great day with them, and know that they had fun with us!

The girls were really into it and excited about everything, in particular about having lessons on a double decker bus!  They participated well and were happy to be involved in discussions. 

The staff were very appreciative of us tackling the boys questions and the boys wished that they could go on the bus too! But the boys took a lot from their sessions indoors and asked lots of questions on puberty in general. The boys were responsive throughout and interested in the subject. It was so nice to be thanked individually by some of the pupils at the session.  You were all a delight to work with!

The girls had lots of fun on the slide! They also made some great posters and poems about being on your period.

The students said:

"This is amazing! I've never been on a double decker bus!"

The teachers also enjoyed it:

"This bus has created quite a stir in the village. We never have anything like this. We always have to travel to other places instead of having something come to us!"

One of the teachers came on the bus and said, "I just came from the boy session and they were answering all the questions! They were respectful and mature. They even seemed proud to know the information. They're having a great time!"

"So great to have two men come into our school to talk to the boys. We have no male staff here, and that was spot on for our boys. Thank you so much"

It was great seeing all the children getting involved and learning about a perfectly natural thing!