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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Headley Park Primary School

On 28th November we were in Bristol, visiting the lovely Headley Park Primary School.

The groups of students were very mature talking about the subject and asked some really key questions which led to fruitful discussions. This was also true in the boys' sessions, with them asking more scientific questions and also leaving the lesson feeling they had gotten a lot out of the day.

The girls had some great discussions answering the questions.

We had some lovely feedback from the girls:

“I was really scared to have periods but now thanks to the betty team for helping, I don’t feel scared anymore :) I love betty bus“

“I liked the betty bus because it made me feel more confident. I liked it because I now know how easy it is when you’re on your period” 

The ball pit was also enjoyed by all!

The teachers were so positive about the resource:

“It made what can be an anxious time for children fun and less embarrassing. Very informative. Thanks” (Wendy, Year 5, LAS)

“Amazing resource delivered by confident women. I think the group of children will be much more confident to talk openly now about periods! Thank you!” (Hannah, Headley Park, Year 5 and 6)

“Really important to the girls that they experienced this as a group and could witness each others questions + concerns. Thank you. ” (Headley Park School)