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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Hilton Primary School

Last week one of our buses visited Hilton Primary School. The girls on the bus had fun learning all about their periods and spent some time writing poems and designing posters about it as well as using the ipads on board.

Miss Campbell said "A really fun way of learning all about periods! Very interactive!"

You can see in the following pictures how engaged the children are; lots of participation and thoughtful discussions.

Head teacher Shirley Davidson thought it was "a really great resource for schools"

Here, the girls are learning about feelings and strategies to help you feel better.  We know those faces well when it's our time of the month! But they look like they've come up with some great solutions to combat them!

One student gave the betty bus a very high rating!

"On a scale from 1-10, I'd give betty bus an 11!"