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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Holloway School

On Tuesday 12th December, we were in London visiting Holloway School.

We had a good day working with this school and the pupils. The girls had a good knowledge of periods and we had some interesting questions which led into discussions.

The girls had a great time on the bus:

"10000/10 I love the betty bus"

"This session was so cool and fun. I also learnt some new things. Girl power for life :) p.s. the ball pit was so cool"

"I thought it was good that you shouldn't be embarrassed about periods. I used to know a little bit and now I know more"

"It was helpful and made me more confident about having a period"

The girls enjoyed opening up during the Circle Time activity.

The teachers also enjoyed the day and found it to be useful:

"It was fun and engaging - the girls were really open and the facilitators were excellent. Thank you!"

And they loved the ball pit!