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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Hurst Knoll St James' CE Primary School

On Wednesday 27th September, we had a great time spending the day with the pupils and staff at Hurst Knoll St James' CE Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Look how excited they are to spend the day with us too!

The girls were so engaged and involved in their workshops on the bus. They were vocal offering answers and suggestions and very enthusiastic. Look at the concentration and team work going on in the activities.

Can you solve the problems on the bus?

The facilitators on board the bus said all the pupils really engaged with the scientific and emotional content. Everyone had a lot of fun, and the games went down well. 

The students said: "I really enjoyed being in the Betty Bus. I enjoyed playing in the ball pit and learning new facts"

"I really hope you can come next year please, betty makes me feel better about my periods and I feel a lot better talking about it" 

"Today was a great experience for me to understand what happens to my body and I've enjoyed learning about our bodies"

The teachers found the workshop useful too.

"It's been really useful for me because now I know how I can help them and answer their questions" 

"Great interactive informative session for our class. A lovely positive atmosphere and a great environment for children to learn and ask questions This was an amazing, enjoyable experience. I have really enjoyed it and I have also learnt a lot. It has been a pleasure to be on the bus!"

And of course, the ball pit was a huge hit!