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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Hydesville Tower School

Our betty bus was in Walsall on Tuesday 10th October visiting Hydesville Tower School.

We had so much fun at this school. There was so much excitement and desire to learn. The younger the girls, the more curiosity they had. They really opened up in the group discussions.

One of the students said: "I feel confident now I was embarrassed but don't feel as bad now. Thank you for answering our questions. I am so excited this is so much fun."

As the car park was quite small we parked nearby. We are proud to say that we always try and accommodate schools needs and find solutions to potential problems. Even though in 'public' space we encouraged the girls to shout out and be proud and empowered and they reacted really well to it.

The boys had a great session too. Our male facilitators commented on the fantastic atmosphere in the school - lots of imaginative responses, sensitive ideas and probing questions.

The students were polite, funny and attentive. Lots had a great grasp of the science and had strong critical thinking skills. Almost all students said that they felt more confident talking about periods after our session.

We were able to have lots of meaningful discussions. 

One of the teachers commented: "That was lovely, it actually made me quite emotional!"