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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Illminster and Oasis Academies

The 1st of December saw us in Bristol at The Park Community Centre. During the day we worked with pupils from Illminster Avenue Academy and Oasis Academy Connaught.

We were also able to work with some health practioners who were interested in the bus.

We had such a great day with the students from both schools. They were all willing, engaged and knowledgable. Not to mention funny and happy! We had some of the best questions and discussions today and the community centre was very welcoming. 

The student's really enjoyed their day with us:

"My experience on the bus was amazing! My favourite part was the ball pit because it was very deep"

"Thank you for helping me today :) It was an experience"

"I think the betty bus is fun and adventurous and teaches a lot. It was very interesting and I learned a lot of facts about our bodies. Thank you for answering all my questions"

The teachers had some very positive feedback for us:

"betty bus was a great experience; the girls were engaged and encouraged to ask and answer questions"

"A great way to bring up and discuss a subject the girls often don't feel confident enough to ask in school. Going to a different place (rather than the classroom) made it special and exciting. Having ladies we don't know meant lots of children open up more than normal." (Jenni Hayweck, Year 6, Iminster Avenue E-ACT Academy)


The practioners were able to get a lot from the day too. They were very impressed with the project and were very eager to share some of the issues they run into in their respective institutions. Many were really interested in how the boys' sessions are run and the messages given in those sessions. 


Overall it was a great response from a group of teachers, nurses and support workers. Lots of interest in the project, including the boys' sessions, and especially impressed at the flexibility of the program. They were enthusiastic that the resources were free.