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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Kippax Greenfield Primary School

Our bright betty buses are still busy travelling up and down the country delivering period workshops to boys and girls.  Last week on 21st September they were in the Leeds area visiting Kippax Greenfield Primary School.

Our friendly facilitators had a great time.  They told us the school was lovely and the pupils were inquisitive and open to the bus experience. They knew lots of answers in the games and were eager to ask questions and share thoughts.

We know the children had a fantastic experience as the group response was "Whoooooaaaaaa!!!" when they did an Aurasma reveal on the bus.  The boys also enjoyed their workshop and one lad said "the least we can do is be kind and respectful when girls are on their periods."

The teachers also enjoyed the bus:

"The PSHE lessons are still very old fashioned. It's nice to see something that feels more current and fun!"

"The resources were great and the layout was really well organised and easy to use."

"That was amazing! Thank you for bringing it to us."

Looks like the slide was a hit too!