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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Llywelyn County Primary School

The betty bus team visited Llywelyn County Primary School during their week in Wales on 3rd July! The teachers were thrilled with our workshops:

“Loved it! Thought I knew all about periods but even I have learnt something today!” - Julie Kennedy, Teacher

“Fantastic experience both on the bus and also during pre-visit talks. Would definitely recommend to other schools. We have much more open and honest children now!” - Mrs Parry, Teacher

The girls had a great session onboard the bus and we could really see the journey the girls went on from when they arrived at the bus to how they responded once they had reached the top activities on the top deck. It was so lovely to see them slowly open up to our betty facilitators and become more vocal. You can see some of their fantastic presentations below:

The boys also benefitted from the empathy workshop we run alongside the bus. It was a great session with a certain amount of nervous laughter around the subject at the start. By the end we had groups of sensible young men openly talking about perfectly natural changes. You can see some of their illustrations from the session below: