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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Lower Darwen Primary School

On Monday 25th September, our bus visited Lower Darwen Primary School, in Lancashire.

The girls were very enthusiastic and excited about the betty bus visiting their school and there was very little shyness talking about periods.

The boys also had a great day in their workshops. They gave some good answers to the questions and they seemed really interested in the science side of things. 


Look at how happy the girls are! Lots of participation. They also said: "It was amazing! I like the betty bus because people are nice and they answer all your questions"

"The Betty Bus made me feel so much better about my period. I had lots of fun on the betty bus and learned new things."

"I love the Betty Bus!"

The boys got thinking about how they could help their female friends when they are feeling a bit down and also about kindness. They said: "I learnt not to be nervous about helping people and just ask the girl 'what's up?' We also learned more about periods."

"I liked how we learned whilst playing and now feel more confident about saying 'period'". 

The teachers also enjoyed the day:

"A fantastic opportunity for children to take part in open and honest discussions. The team were great with the children"

"A great way to allow the girls to be open and realise periods are perfectly natural."

"A very good way to deliver the lesson the boys. The topic was dealt with sensitively and appropriately. Thank you."