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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Lydgate Junior School

On Wednesday 27th September one of our bright betty buses visited Lydgate Junior School in Sheffield.

The girls had a great time on the bus and as the sessions went on, the girls opened up more when talking about periods.  The girls were also used to the post-it note exercise as the school already implement it as a strategy for learning so were very responsive with the question cube exercise.

The girls had fun coming up with solutions to help with those pesky period pains. We agree that dancing definitely helps!

Our friendly facilitators thought the groups were great, very involved and had a fun day.

The girls on the bus had lots of positive feedback for us: "My experience on the Betty bus has been amazing. I'm not worried about anything anymore."

"I have learned that if you eat dark chocolate your cramps will be better."

"Thank you for teaching us about girl stuff! The staff are very nice. Thanks for making me understand. The bus is cool!"

The boys also enjoyed their sessions:

"I liked the mix of learning and games"

The teachers sound like they learned a few things too!

"You boys are very lucky to be taught this as back in my day there were nowt like it in my school."

"It was a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere, the girls didn't feel embarrassed to talk."