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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Maynard School

On Thursday 23rd November, we visited the Maynard School.

The girls were reserved to begin with, but soon relaxed and opened up. They really engaged with the workshops and asked some very sophisticated questions which showed how much they had learned. They left the bus not laughing but smiling proudly.

Here are some girls working together, discussing how they can best take care of themselves whilst on their period.

They had a great time in the ball pit hunting for the answers for the quiz!

The girls had a brilliant day:

"It was an amazing day. I loved it I learnt a lot about periods and how you get it."

"This was an amazing experience and I feel as if I can talk now"

"I thought the betty bus was great how pretty much all of my questions were answered! Thank you!"

"I definitely learnt something today. Thank you very much"