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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Meet the Facilitator: Jess

You've probably all heard about our betty buses, right? Our pink and yellow beauties are travelling around the country encouraging young boys and girls everywhere to be more open and honest about that time of the month. We thought you'd want to meet some of our fabulous betty ambassadors who are leading the way in encouraging those conversations.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Jess!

Jess works as a workshop facilitator, actress and theatre-maker. She has lived out of hotels for the last 4 years, whilst touring with various shows and projects.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

In the last 6 months I have been to 17 different countries, including Puerto Rico, Chile and Slovakia.

What is your favourite thing about the betty bus?

It is a girly zone, where we can chat about anything that worries us and we are free to be ourselves.

Why do you think the betty bus is so important?

betty is so important for young people. I remember starting my period was such a big deal for me when I was a young girl and it was something I really worried about. The reality is, it isn’t anything big and scary and betty is all about teaching girls this and making them feel comfortable and confident about periods.

Your favourite moment of the tour so far?

My favourite moment so far was with a year 6 group who came to the top deck looking very uncomfortable. I thought they might not want to join in but as soon as I told them a bit about my experiences with my periods they completely changed and instantly looked more relaxed. I think they realised I was a girl just like them!

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey)

I have ruined all of my favourite pants! My period isn’t very regular so I tend to get a lot of surprises. Whenever it has happened and if I haven’t had a tampon or pad, I have made a DIY pad out of loo roll. It normally works really well, apart from one time I was dancing and suddenly realised the tissue had slipped out of my pants and down my leg. I made a quick dash for the loo!

Tell us your period craving?

I LOVE food, especially when I am on my period. I crave carbs, so a lot of pasta, garlic bread and pizza. All the really healthy stuff! My ultimate craving is my dad’s veggi spaghetti bolognese with loads of cheese on top.