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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Meet the Facilitator: Kayleigh

You've probably all heard about our betty buses, right? Our pink and yellow beauties are travelling around the country encouraging young boys and girls everywhere to be more open and honest about that time of the month. We thought you'd want to meet some of our fabulous betty ambassadors who are leading the way in encouraging those conversations.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Kayleigh!

With a range of passions and skills she works within many roles, including creative arts, learning facilitation, British Sign Language communication support and accessible theatre. But, above all she is a communicator and strives to provide honest, accessible and empowering learning opportunities for young people.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I use Sign Language and love to sign along to songs!

What is your favourite thing about the betty bus?

betty is loud and proud! This project is giving young ladies permission to talk and learn about their bodies! As well as encouraging young men to consider and explore something that they will never experience for themselves, but important people in their lives will. I am so proud to be on the betty bus because I know that it will have an amazing impact!

Why do you think the betty bus is so important?

We need to say goodbye to the myths, the shame and the worry that encompass the topic of periods. Let's get talking and sharing, to help young people enjoy their journey.

Your favourite moment of the tour so far? 

Getting to jump in the ball pit everyday to get it ready for ’the challenge’. It’s a tough job but...someone’s got to do it!

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey)

When I am on my period I get very bloated and windy! Whilst meeting a group of mutual friends for the first time I tooted loudly! CRINGE!

Tell us your period craving?

When I am on my period I crave attention, tea and vegetables!

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is…

I love to have a bath, pamper my face and body, and watch a romantic film in fresh bed sheets.

Want to find out more about the betty bus team? Follow their antics on Twitter @bettybusteam!