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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Meet the Facilitator: Ruxy

You've probably all heard about our betty buses, right? Our pink and yellow beauties are travelling around the country encouraging young boys and girls everywhere to be more open and honest about that time of the month. We thought you'd want to meet some of our fabulous betty ambassadors who are leading the way in encouraging those conversations.

This week we'd like to introduce you to Ruxy!

Ruxandra Cantir is a Moldova-born, US-trained, Glasgow-based physical theatre maker. She specialises in Clown, Bouffon, Theatre of the Grotesque, Movement Theatre, and Storytelling. She has created and performed original theatre pieces in these styles all around the world, including her native Moldova, Europe, and the US.  Ruxy is a regular performer with the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night in Scotland, has appeared on Scotland’s only Late Night Talk show with her Clown character Gregor, and in Summer 2017, performed alongside fellow betty and all-around amazing human Sarah Rose Graber in The Dirty Laundry Campaign - a clownesque street theatre piece for families.

In addition to her performing, Ruxy is a dedicated educator, community-based art facilitator, interpreter, multiple language-speaker (5!), and has an ongoing research interest in the Alexander Technique.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I spent 5 weeks in Bali, Indonesia learning masked and non-masked traditional Balinese dances.

What is your favourite thing about the betty bus?

I love how bold and brightly-coloured it is! It just makes a statement immediately. And of course, the ball pit is so much fun!

Why do you think the betty bus is so important?

I believe talking freely and openly about periods as it really affects the way girls (myself included!) feel about their bodies. And that affects how they talk and act, what they do, and more importantly, what kind of women they’ll become.

And it all begins with a statement as basic as: there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about something the female body does naturally. In fact, it’s something to celebrate - celebrate getting comfortable in our bodies and all the changes they have in store for us.

The betty bus experience also builds community and shows that you never have to go through any of it alone! And that is always such a welcome reminder!

Your favourite moment of the tour so far?

My favourite part so far is seeing the girls’ transformation, their shift in thought, throughout their betty experience. When they come up to us and we do our intro game - there are giggles and uncomfortable shifts when they hear the word “vagina.” Eek! And oof! But by the end of the session, the girls are usually so incredibly empowered that they burst out of the bus screaming “VAGINAAAAA!” and “IT’S PERFECTLY NATURAL!” They just light up, are bold and confident. Whether the transformation happens slowly or fast, it’s there. It always happens. And it’s glorious to witness!

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey)

I must have been about 13 or 14, shortly after I first started my period. Unbeknownst to me, I had a small stain on my trousers and I was at school. While I was on break, a male friend of mine came up to me discreetly and told me I had a spot on the backside of my pants. I was mortified! But he was so nice about it and I was grateful he had told me! No harm done, I tied my blouse around my waist, popped a new pad on, and when I got home, threw the trousers in the wash. High five to my friend Eugene, who saved the day that day, eh?

Tell us your period craving?

Chocolate and Eclairs! Mountains of them!

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is…

To stay in bed and watch Seinfeld or Arrested Development! All. Day. Long.