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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Palfrey Girls School

On Monday 9th October, our betty bus visited Palfrey Girls School in Walsall. 

We were delighted to visit a faith school and as such, religion and culture played a role in their understanding and choice of questions. It was a very positive morning and the bus caused alot of curiousity and energy around the school.

Because of this, the year 10's and 11's had asked their teachers for the opportunity to get involved as they had questions themselves. The teachers asked if we could accomodate this and time allowed us to welcome them on to the bus purely for a chance to ask questions. There was a lot of excitement!

The teachers thought this was a great resource for their students to have the opportunity to experience: "This was so great, I am annoyed I didn't have anything like this when I was younger. It is so important that the girls are talking about this."

The children learned a lot too!

"I learnt how to take care of my body. I enjoyed the betty bus because I have not started my period and the betty bus has really helped me understand the menstrual cycle."

"This session was fun and I love how this bus is so adventurous, I have no questions because this was so amazing it doesn't need questions."

"This makes me feel comfortable about talking about my period and puberty. This was probably the funnest way to talk about something that is really uncomfortable. This experience was very interesting and very helpful. The experience was amazing. I have learnt things I haven't learnt before and it is very helpful to know. It wasn't awkward and the staff are very happy to say things out loud that we don't normally say. Thanks!"