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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Rosebank School

On Tuesday 3rd October, the betty ball pit bus visited Rosebank School in Cheshire.

This is an SEN school and the students have individual needs. The betty team are pleased that we are able to cater to all schools so all children can learn about periods and puberty. We adapted the workshop to make it accessible and we allowed the students' understanding to inform our workshop session.

The students responded well to the ballpit and upstairs they interacted particularly well with the emoji, drawing pictures on the boards, and responded well to touching the sanitary pads to understand how they worked. This sensory approach also worked well before they entered the ballpit, and they were able to feel the difference between the two types of balls.

We had a lot of fun working with the students and thought there was a very pleasant atmosphere in the sessions.

We used the magnetic girl image a lot - asking the group to match up the emoji coasters to how she was feeling. Slowly, we created a collage of emotions. Students used the blank coasters to draw their own emojis (scared, nervous etc). We then replaced the sad emoji's with happy ones as we shared all their kind ideas, ending up with a board of smiley faces and speech bubbles.

The boys then were able to go in the ball-pit afterwards, which they loved. 

The teachers really enjoyed the day too:

"Thank you for a great session. The classroom teachers said that you managed the session well and created a warm, calming atmosphere for the boys and girls."