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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Ryders Hayes Community School

On Wednesday 11th October, we were in Walsall visiting Ryders Hayes Community School. 

We had such a great day with this school. All the girls were fully engaged throughout the day and extremely enthusiastic. They asked questions and responded in ways far beyond their years and showed great maturity.

There was a great energy in the classroom, lots of fun and great answers. Students were attentive, enthusiastic and thoughtful. They asked lots of great questions and dealt with their giggles really well. As we couldn't use the bus, the girls worked in a classroom - this contributed to a fab atmosphere and we really felt a buzz about school as students jumped into learning more about periods.

We also had the chance to show sanitary products to the boys, explain a little more about the geography of the female body (they asked - and we also sought permission from staff to do this). This was the most giggly bit of the workshop but, again, students exhibited great maturity for their age and excellent knowledge. It was a really great session!

One student said: "I have never felt so comfortable talking about periods. This was a fun experience. Thank you for making me more confident for when I start."

"I have enjoyed learning about periods and I was a bit nervous before to learn about them but now I am confident talking out loud about them."

"I was a bit worried at first to discuss periods but you have helped me to understand that periods are perfectly natural."

The teachers also enjoyed the day: "Fantasic interactive session, breaking down the taboos of periods in a fun way. Children felt safe, confident and were willing to share. Great session."

"It was a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere - all the boys' contributions were valued (even when the answer was unusual or unrelated). The children were engaged and controlled with clear instructions and fun activities. The opportunity to ask questions was great for the boys to reflect. Thank you very much. The boys wanted to see/learn more about the 'nitty gritty' eg seeing tampons/towels which you were able to do."