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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Sir William Stainer School

On Wednesday 4th October, our betty bus was in Crewe visiting Sir William Stainer School.

All classes were very keen to ask period related questions. Some boys brought up questions relating to transgender people. In particular; 'What happens to a female who thinks she's a male during her time of the month?' Josh explained that even though this hypothetical transgender man identified as a male, he had the anatomy of the female sex and therefore would still have a period once a month unless he started to take certain perscribed tablets and/or have an operation to correct his identity.

We think it's great that the pupils are really thinking and feel able to discuss these once taboo topics.

Some feedback from the students: "I learnt about periods and how it's an important moment for girls. I enjoyed the game. Before I came into this class I knew nothing about periods, but now I know lots of things."

"I enjoyed today because now I know whenever I'm on my period, it's perfectly natural. It was fun being part of this experience because of the thought put into this bus"

"I enjoyed today because now I know what would happen and I would feel comfortable. The betty bus is the best bus ever, I have learnt quite a lot of things about periods and I really enjoyed this" 

"I really liked the bus because I know how to prepare myself now for whenever I'm on my period"

The teachers also enjoyed the experience.

"A really great session - the betty ladies were welcoming and very approachable. They made the topic fun! Thank you!"

"Well presented, the students were fully engaged. Very informative for the girls. Staff were extremely approachable and made the girls feel very comfortable."

"Joe and Josh have been fantastic with our students today. The session was interesting and engaging. Joe and Josh have managed some of our more vulnerable students really well and have provided exceptional one to one support. This has resulted in one of our most vulnerable young men engaging in the session and completing additional work. This will have been a real confidence boost for this young man. Thank you! "

From class teacher of final session: "Great focus at beginning - your expectations were clear and understood. Warm-up game was great - focus and enjoyment. Element of competition for boys was great - fun and challenging. Great visual aids - clear and relevant. Great, calm delivery."

We're delighted you enjoyed it as much as we did!