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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

St Oswald's RC Primary School

Last week, we were in Newcastle and St Oswald's Catholic Primary School were one of the lucky schools who were visited by the betty bus on Thursday 14th September. The team had a great time working with them and it was safe to say the school loved the bus!

Although some of the pupils were slightly hesitant about speaking out loud at the beginning (as can sometimes be the case, don't worry!), once they were encouraged by our friendly facilitators, the pupils showed how engaged they were and had plenty of positive ideas about how to care for themselves and others whilst experiencing their periods.

One of the girls told us how much she had learned. She thought she had had her period recently, and now after a session on the betty bus she was sure she had. It was great hearing how proudly she said it.

Another student commented: "It was really fun, thanks!"


The teachers also enjoyed it and came away with some ideas.

"I love the way you delivered it, I'm going to steal some of those focus games because they responded to them really well!"

A male teacher said he was thinking that 'betty' might be a good code name for the girls in class if they wanted to talk to him about their periods. Yep, we definitely like that idea!