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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

St Patrick's at Hockley Heath School

On Friday 10th November, our betty bus was in Birmingham visiting Hockley Heath School.  They also invited St Patrick's School to share the day with them, and we had a great time with all the students.

The children were all fantastic! They were very respectful who were confident and supportive of each other, as well as being very enthusiastic.

They all seemed to have great fun and learn a lot at the same time. The students listened very well and helped create a safe atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable to ask questions. 

"The betty bus was very fun and useful because all of my questions that I've been wondering about were clearly answered"

"I have really enjoyed my time on the betty bus and it has made me more confident about periods"

"I thought the betty bus was really interesting because they told me how to use tampons and I didn't know how to before so IT WAS AMAZING"

The teachers also enjoyed the experience:

"I thought it was a brilliant idea, however, I know that the boys would have loved to come on the bus"

"The betty staff were fun and informative. They quickly gained a good relationship with the children, who were at ease asking questions and discussing concerns. Excellent!"

"A very useful experience for the girls - a lovely, fun, comfortable environment in which to learn and ask questions. Great staff - put the children at ease. Thank you."