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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Weston Mill Primary Academy

On 21st November we were in Plymouth visiting Weston Mill Primary Academy. 

We had a lot of fun at this school and it was clear that the pupils were excited about having us there. They were very knowledgable, involved themselves and were able to talk confidently about periods. They asked very thought provoking questions to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and this led into interesting discussions. We were pleased at how supportive they were to each other and always responded very maturely. The bus was full of positive, happy and proud vibes!

Here the girls are making their period posters:

The girls had some great discussions during the circle time:

The girls had some positive feedback for us:

"I had a great time and I am more confident about periods"

"Today on the bus, it was soooo fascinating, it was helpful, all my questions got answered." 

The teachers had a great day too!

"Very useful, helped where sometimes they haven't the support at home. To understand it is a natural thing and it happens to most females. Not to be embarrassed" (Sue James TA Year 5 Weston Mill Primary Academy)

"Very informative and useful. Adults made children very relaxed and confident to ask questions that they may have felt embarassed about." (J. Levers Weston Mill Primary Academy)

"Great to get the children talking about periods and have the opportunity to ask questions" (Miss Catherwood Year 5 Weston Mill Primary Academy)