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Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

About betty for schools

Providing free resources about periods for 8-12s

betty is a femcare brand that knows that periods are hard and wants to make them easier for young girls everywhere.

The betty for schools programme is an extension of this. We want to help create a generation of girls who, for the first time ever, are truly at ease talking about their periods. By creating a youth-led, open and honest conversation about periods and the way they affect girls, we are hoping it will lead the way for generations to come.

Working with both teachers and young people, we have created PSHE Association accredited digital lessons which aim to prepare young people for the onset of menstruation and help girls to manage their bodies and emotions once their periods have started.

With a mix of film, animation, interactive activities and supporting print materials, we have everything period-related covered so teachers don’t need to worry about that dreaded part of the curriculum! Put your feet up, relax and let us do the talking.